Join one of the greatest leadership development and community service organizations in the nation!  You’ll meet many new people, make lots of life-long friends, and have fun while serving the community and developing vital professional and personal skills.

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Regular Membership Dues

Any young person at least twenty one (21) years of age and less than forty one (41) years of age, a resident or having interest in Dubuque shall be eligible for membership in the Dubuque Jaycees. Regular membership status affords the member all rights and privileges of the local chapter, subject to the Bylaws and rules and regulations of the Dubuque Jaycees.
One Year Regular Membership – $65.00 Annually, with signup above.

Associate Membership

Any person age forty one (41) or over may qualify for associate membership in the Dubuque Jaycees upon payment of an annual fee of $30.00. An associate member shall have all the rights and privileges of membership enjoyed by regular members except that associate members may neither hold office nor have any voting rights.
One Year Associate Membership – $30 Annually. Join online below, or pay the treasurer at GM meeting.

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