Development Areas

Dubuque Jaycees activities are divided into four primary development areas: membership, management, individual and community. We are also involved with state and national Jaycee organizations.

Membership Development

Membership development encompasses member recruitment and retention activities, which includes sending out renewal notices, coordinating recruitment efforts and making monthly reports to the Iowa Jaycees on membership retention and new members. Membership officers also hold new member orientations and assist the state director with documentation of member activation.

Management Development

The Management Development Area includes all of the fundraising projects of the chapter. The money raised through the management projects helps fund the rest of the projects under the community, individual and state areas. Dubuque Jaycees Management projects allow the organization to give tens of thousands of dollars to area charities, projects and programs.

Individual Development

With the amount of volunteer hours put in each year by our members, it is only appropriate to thank them with great social events like the chili cookoff and St. Patty’s Day social. As a leadership training organization, we also hold individual development (ID) courses on topics ranging from public speaking to wine tasting. Some events we have held over the last 12 months include beekeeping, professional cookie decorating, golfing, landscaping, sushi making, and more!

Community Development

This is one of the most visible aspects of the Dubuque Jaycees and, for many people, the most valuable. Community development encompasses all of the projects that benefit the citizens of the Dubuque area, and is funded by dollars raised from management development projects.

Currently, members are involved in managing the Dubuque 3rd of July Fireworks and the Tri-States Largest Chili Cook-Off. Some past community projects include Toys For Kids and the Jaycee Trail (the portion of the riverwalk stretching from Highway 151 to the Hawthorne Street Peninsula), which the Jaycees funded as part of a $250,000 matching grant. The Jaycees paid for the project in just five years.