The Jaycee Triangle

A long-standing principle of the Jaycees has been the Jaycee Triangle. Note that the logo is an equilateral triangle with the arrows indicating a distinct overlapping. The sides of the triangle represent community development, management development and individual development.

The triangle completely surrounds a circle, which represents the member.

The logo does, in fact, represent a process. It is equilateral, so that equal emphasis is placed upon all three areas of activities and overlapping because each activity is dependent upon the other and is an integral part of the other. It is a process by which the “whole chapter” can offer its members a “total experience” personal growth, development of their managerial skills and effective service to the community.

Three functions are absolutely essential for the “total Jaycee concept” to be a reality: management development, individual development and community development programming.

If a chapter is poorly managed, it may suffer from lack of organization, morale, pride, fiscal stability or recognition as a credible group.

When a Jaycee chapter does not offer self-improvement programs like Personal Dynamics, Leadership Dynamics, Communication Dynamics, Speak-Up or Family Life Development, it fails to provide an individual member with the most unique tools available within the Jaycees for pursuit of personal goals.

When a chapter rests solely on its record of community development programs, it may lack the cohesive stability of a well managed organization, exhaust the leadership currently available or fail to provide for the development of emerging Jaycees.

The beneficiaries when such a cohesive combination of chapter functions complement each other, are the individual member and the community. Only then is it possible to “develop the whole member through He whole chapter” and realize the worth of this total chapter concept.

All projects and programs run by a Jaycee chapter fall within one of five major programming Areas of Opportunity:


These categories and sample projects within them are as follows:

Individual Area of Opportunity

Embodying the line of the Jaycee Creed Which states “Earth’s great treasure lies in human personality,” this area provides an opportunity for individual members to realize their personal potential through training programs.Programming in this area would encompass all how-to programs, not related to Leadership, which falls in the Business Area of Opportunity.

Community Area of Opportunity

Embodying the line of the Jaycee Creed which states “Service to humanity is the best work of life,” this area develops the sensitivity of individual members to societal problems and community dynamics by providing experience in community problem solving. Programming in this area would encompass any project or program that either educates community members or improves the quality of life in a community.

Management Area of Opportunity

Embodying the line of the Jaycee Creed which states “Government should be of laws rather than of men,” this area develops the managerial skill of the individual member at all levels of the organization. Programming in this area would encompass any program or project that enhances a member’s management skills.

Business Area of Opportunity

Embodying the line of the Jaycees Creed, which states, “Economic justice can best be won by free men through free enterprise,” this area provides an opportunity for individual members to contribute to the development and enhancement of the economic infrastructure, prosperity, and well being for all nations. Programming in the area would encompass any business-oriented training or other program that contributes to the economic prosperity for members and the community.